I don’t think I’ve traveled to Delhi these many times in such a compressed period of time. Work beckons, hence the ‘lets look important and fly lots’. Which is fun, in bits. Mostly because I have an awesome travel partner in Manish. And when I say awesome, I mean that he has the patience of a saint. I usually leave a trail of things from home to airport and then from airport to home. Earphones, chapstick, boarding pass, book, hairbrush, inflatable pillow, belt. And he just picks it all up, and hands it to me . I used to look sheepish before, but I have realized that he doesnt judge me. So now I take the entire process for granted. I don’t have to go to the counter and get the ticket, I don’t need to check my email for the PNR number, I don’t have to show my I.D to the seccurity guy. I just walk behind Manish like an incapable child. Either he’s an awesome friend who really does care about me or he’s going to take a bat to my head sooner than later. Only time will tell. But until then…. I’m just going to enjoy these Bombay-Delhi flights and continue being absolutely incapable.

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I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

3 thoughts on “Bom-Del-Bom-Del-Blr-Del-Bom-Del

  1. Vow man Juhi. Wotta switt and rockin’ pix.
    I will take one chance to see you at Del airport with a ring of rosies and a pocket full of posies.

  2. Hahaha a…Manish…you’re a darling…did you know mongo can do the mc hammer really well? Maybe you can get her dance as a small fee for you kindness 🙂

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