My music in blur.

Travel and music go hand in hand. How can they not? It’s pretty much one and the same thing for me. Every trip has an album or a song that becomes more the trip than the trip itself. When I went rafting, it was Jamiroquai, when I was shooting a promo in Goa it was Isobel by Bjork, when I was in Spain for the first time it was Frou Frou. I thought I was pretty ace at figuring music for a trip till Steve came along to steal my thunder.
He takes it to a neurotic, obsessive, professional level. And I actually say this with a lot of pride. If Steve was shot with a superblastingcrumble gun, the little Steve pieces would actually be musical notes.
Here’s an example: My parents have a beautiful cottage in Kashid and it’s a stunning drive. Steve and I had a weekend off so we figured we’d drive out for the weekend and laze it out in Kashid. I get into the car and find a playlist, which has been made with utter care and precision for the entire 3-hour drive. And you know what’s cool? The last song came on the moment we reached our destination. If I sound like a fangirl right now, it’s probably because I am one.
Since these past two years, there’s been a lot of travel, together and separately, for work and for fun. And for every trip there has been a fantastic playlist. I’m never without music. And now it’s all because of Steve. The roadtrips seem to have increased because we just want to listen to music when we’re a blur to the world. So whether it’s Cake on the way to Panchgini or Baba O’Reilly in Goa or The Strokes in Hamburg, it’s the movement outside and the stillness within that I love the most.

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