Trust me, it’s paradise.

I had a brutal shoot yesterday. Good brutal. Probably the funnest day I’ve had at work in a while. But it was long. I had to wake up at 3 am and we worked all day, all over Delhi and then wrapped at 11 pm.

I had to head to the airport fairly early in the morning back to Bombay. And I had had about six good hours of sleep. Now, I know a lot of people who say they wake up happy. But I’m not one of them. Usually its my sinuses or the weight of the world….. something’s always amiss but usually in an hour or two I reach higher ground and I’m good to go.

Today….was different. I didn’t really know I woke up happy. But I did.

I packed, showered, listened to a long overdue track (Adele’s Rolling in the deep) and headed out. My main man, Dilip, who is more MacGyver than driver, was driving me to the airport. And we chatted each other up, sifted through radio channels, spoke about Delhi & Bombay & the people we work with. It was nice & sunny outside… and that’s when it hit me…. that in that moment, I was happy…. I was good. And I had no complaints with anyone or anything. I wanted to take that feeling, put it in a jar, seal it & carry it with me forever.

So I reached the airport, got myself some tea & I’m writing this down while I watch aircrafts take off & land. This is my version of a jar.

I don’t know if I am happy because yesterday was so stellar or because I’m going back home for 4 days or because things just feel right with the world. I’ve come to the conclusion that its all about the moments. Life lies in the nano-seconds. And all I  know is that right here, this moment, in transit, I feel good.

♫ There is a track by Orbital called beached. Give it a listen & pay attention to the lyrics. There is a line there made of gold. I take it with me wherever I go. As does Dhruv.


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5 thoughts on “Trust me, it’s paradise.

  1. Madam its hard to wakeup happy but when u woke up early,have feeling of accomlishment,feel good factor which make ur day.and most important u running ahead of 115 million indians.
    So it a habit.

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