I just noticed this little smiley on the top right hand corner of my homepage.
I have no idea when he got here …or how.
But he’s here.
And he’s not leaving.
Destination – 0

I’m going to give him a name. He’s Jacques. And he’s a ninja. The smile is just to fool you.
So …. take it easy. And don’t try any stunts. He’s gonna watch my back while I write… furiously.

I seem to have a lot of time on my hands today

♫ Stars – Your ex lover is dead

Published by therunawayjuiceincident

I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

2 thoughts on “:)

  1. Yeah. Jacques finally took off. I don’t think he liked that I changed my theme. So he left. Along with Treba, my last theme. I hope it’s sunny where he is. And I hope he gets an even tan. I hope the Bellini’s come cheap. Jacques is just starting out… he doesn’t have too much money

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