Much has been said about the moon. And why not?! It is our sole satellite. It is our soul satellite.

I don’t think I obsessed much about the moon …. until I saw it rise from the sea.

We were in the Andamans and I think it was day one. Hass, Chola and I were getting a drink at this shack by the beach and the sun had set about an hour ago. We were thinking of playing scrabble when suddenly we heard someone shout “Moonrise!” and as soon as he said that all the lights were turned off and just like that everyone started running towards the beach. So, we did too. I had no idea what this was about but everyone seemed so excited. As soon as we got near the water we saw it. 

On the horizon, we could see this beautiful, hazy white orb balancing itself elegantly on the waters edge. It was a full moon …. and it had just started to rise. 

Sunrises and sunsets are meant to be stunning. It’s natures way of saying ‘Look! You ingrates! see what you’ll miss out on once you blow Earth up.’ So, yeah, it’s their job to be breathtaking. But a Moonrise …. a Moonrise is molten poetry, it’s a slow Waltz between darkness and a hint of light, it’s stillness with the right amount of movement. That night, I felt it all. 
Such soft beauty is rare to come by. The sorts which stirs your soul but quietens the mind. 

That night is going to be etched in my mind for a very long time. The air, the waves, the moon and an island so far away from everything.

So this is for everyone reading, if you ever make it to the Andamans, head to Havelock island on a full moon night….. and wait for it.

P.s – this song by Said The Whale which is worth a listen.

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3 thoughts on “Satellite

  1. I want to quote something something from this entry, but there are too many great lines to choose from. Lovely Jules…really lovely.

  2. i already have been doin this from childhood
    ps. i am also a tv tower observer.,bwahahahahahah 😛

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