Lunar Pieces, Two Stars Free…

Last year I got obsessed by Pablo Neruda. I would read him as often as I could. I love how his words melt and form a stream of my own thoughts, how every poem seems…. mine. That’s the beauty of poetry. It may come across as so personal yet so many people, across cultures, across time, ‘get it’.
Since I was being so manic about poetry, I decided that I would collect verse and prose from people I know and put it up …. for me, for you… Anyone who’s ever written anything is welcome to send in your poetry/story.

I asked Steve to write me a poem. He didn’t. He said he had something from years ago which he wanted to send me…..

Now here’s a little story about Steve.

I went through a phase in my life where I had pretty much forgotten how to sleep. It became my worst enemy and no matter what I did, I just wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. Why was it so difficult? I had no idea. But I had to fix it…. somehow.. anyhow. So I tried, I tried really hard and after a while it sort of, sauntered back into my life, threatening to leave if I misbehaved.

But the truth is, I really learnt how to sleep well only once I met Steve. I don’t know if he balanced energies, bringing in some calm with a sprinkle of nice or whether it was just time for me to have won the battle. That would just be a harsh personal triumph. And I don’t care much for personal triumph….. romance on the other hand….

Here’s what he sent me…

Cascade you with coffin flowers,
Boxes of tooth decay
Perhaps  flickering stone showers?
Forget all!  Unadulterated! Sterile! Sanitary!

The entire earth in line to be yours
Lunar pieces, two stars free!
Would you prefer apples, gold to the core?
No chance to purchase liberated purity.

Inked words keep aside artificial pledges
And guarantee a gory heart, fantastic soul.
Auburn kisses with gift-wrapped lips.
“Affection is not bargained”, I’ve been told.

Go now!  Encompassed in a souvenir tomb
Beg for greedy worms devouring your artificial womb

You know what makes my heart skip a beat? ‘The entire Earth in line to be yours, Lunar pieces, two stars free’. In a poem so lonely, dark & deep, he makes it shine for just the right amount of time, smack in the middle, when you least expect it.

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2 thoughts on “Lunar Pieces, Two Stars Free…

  1. “The entire earth in line to be yours Lunar pieces, two stars free!” Now that’s a wish to wish for! You both make me feel warm and fuzzy all the time 🙂
    Julia, another genius project, have I told you I love you yet? xoxo

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