Another week

Dhruv and I are typical siblings.
He stabbed me once in my thigh with a compass.
I had socked him hard and had a fistful of his hair in my hand.

Another time, he randomly went and bought me the PS2 because I had just discovered Tekken. 
Then beat me at all the games.

He gives me a 100 bucks at every rakshabandhan.
He is an airline pilot.

He’s never missed any important day of my life.
And if I ever ask him how I’m looking after a haircut or trying out a new dress he mostly says “like an asshole.”

He will drive me around everywhere if I don’t have my car, but will throw me out of his car if I touch his stereo system.

I asked him to write me something for my poetry project about 6 months ago, and last week I got an email from him saying – ‘This is my favourite noem….. note+poem….. getit?’

And this is what he wrote

Another week
Another 7 days
Is it gonna be worse…will it be better…will it be the best
Some are gonna cry…some are gonna smile…some will just be
As for me…ill tell you about me next week
Death will come for some…life will be given to some
Some will turn older…no ones turning younger
Spirits will fly…souls will hide
Emotions will burst like fireworks on the 4th of July
Hearts will be born…hearts will be broken
Hearts will be mended…hearts will be murdered
Your life will go on…maybe it wont
It wont matter to a major part of the world
Some will declare bankruptcy…others will strike gold
Some will lose their lives…others will win the lottery
Your best friend might get married…your parents might get a divorce
Your neighbor might buy a new car…yours might get stolen
People might get hired…people will be fired
Success might be achieved…technology will advance
Awards might be presented…suicides will occur
Geography will be visited…history will be burnt
Species will deplete…politicians will reap
Wild life will be tamed…mankind will go wild
Oceans will dry…cars will be washed
People will starve…you will waste food
We will waste paper…trees will be cut
Alcohol will be consumed…riots will take place
Tobacco will be consumed…lungs will wither
Wars will be fought…widows will be born

You might cease to exist…It will not make a difference to the planet

Published by therunawayjuiceincident

I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

One thought on “Another week

  1. But it will make a difference to me.

    Reminds me of the Lucy poems by Wordsworth. “She lived among untrodden…”

    It is beautiful.

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