Starlight, starbright

Trust me
It’s Paradise
This is where the hungry come to feed
For mine is a generation that circles the globe
in search of something we haven’t tried before
so never refuse an invitation
never resist the unfamiliar
never fail to be polite
and never outstay your welcome

just keep your mind open and
suck in the experience
and if it hurts
you know what… it’s probably worth it

you hope, and you dream
but you never believe that
something is going to happen for you
not like it does in the movies
and when it actually does
you expect it to feel different
more visirale
more real
i was waiting for it to hit me

i still believe in paradise
but now at least i know it’s not some place you can look for
cause it’s not where you go
it’s how you feel for a moment in your life
and if you find that moment it lasts forever
it lasts forever
                              Beached: Orbital

You never know when you’re going to miss out on something. A moment, a place, a person. You never really know until it’s too late ….. Or until you realise how much you could have liked that something, but just ran out of time. What do you do then? 
Do you hate on time for being linear?
Do you curse yourself? Fate? God? Anything? Everything?
Does the adage ‘everything happens for a reason’ seem like a complete joke?

I lost out on a person today. And the sense of loss is crippling. 

I’ve always felt that as we go through life, we’re really lucky if we bump into something strange and beautiful.  There are some people who walk around with a certain light inside of them. It’s hard to describe it, but you know it when you see it. And it doesn’t matter how many times you meet them or how many conversations you have with them, you just know that it’s going to be very hard to forget them or forget about them. 

My connect with Jonathan was astronomy. He liked it way more than I did (and I want to be a space shuttle in my next life, so that’s really saying something) and shared a hundred different articles and ‘crazy space stuff’.
And just like a shooting star, he lit up so bright and left us without a warning. 
I’m broken-hearted … and I think I always will be. 

But I’m going to make my way through life knowing that he’s shining on somewhere else……… So bright….. So bright!

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I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

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