Cars II – Movie Review


Cars II, like any other Pixar animated film, is a delightful movie.
I’ll be honest and say that back in 2006 I didn’t even bother going to watch Cars, even though it had Paul Newman as the voice of Doc. Hudson. See, I’m not a sucker for animated films, but that said, if you take me for one or force me to watch one, just know that I will love it.
So, I took myself for Cars II (only because no other film released this week) and I’m so glad I did.
This film had bits and pieces of old school James Bond along with bits of Gone in 60 Seconds and dollops of cuteness. Yes. I said it. Cute.

Even though it was in 3D (And I loathe 3D) it was wonderful to see such intricate detailing. John Lasseter ( director) has clearly had a wonderful childhood surrounded with tonnes of cars. He takes us and his team of ace cars from America to Japan to Italy to London, and the charm and character of every place just adds to the film. There are tiny little touches which made me smile so wide, like all the bartenders are little forklifts, because those are the only cars with arms (awwwww!) and when they go to France, the song playing in the background is so apt with a little ‘vroom vroom’ thrown in (laced with a molten French accent)

What I liked most about the film was that it dealt with a plot and theme meant for children as well as grown ups. Sir Miles Axelrod (Eddie Izzard. They had me at Eddie Izzard) has invented a renewable fuel which doesn’t deplete our fossil fuel reserves, and in order to prove the efficiency of this alternative fuel he decides to have a World Grand Prix which takes place in Japan, Italy & England.
Enter Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson) & Francesco Bernouli ( John Torturo. You have to make that hand gesture when you say Fraannceeessssco Berrrnouuuuli). These two are the best cars there are & everybody knows it’s going to be a race between the two more than anything else. Lightening McQueen & his friend Mater ( Larry the cable guy) are genuine nice guys & Bernouli is a self consumed douche, which means that there is a lot of very entertaining repartee throughout the film.
Mater is quite the hero in this film, who also accidentally gets involved with British secret agents Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) &Holly Shiftwell ( Emily Mortimer)

Mater & the agents become aware of a plot which is trying to destroy Sir Axelrods attempt at proving the safety of his alternative fuel. This is a cue for the agents to show off their many uber cool gadgets & because Mater is tagging along, he gets to join in on the fun.
This is a car race which most certainly has a very thrilling finish.

Go watch the film. Thank me later.

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