Transformers 3 : Dark Of The Moon – Movie Review

Transformers 3 – Dark Of The moon should have just been called Transformers 3 – Revenge of The 3D.
I say this because I have said some really mean, humiliating & nasty things about the 3D madness that has infected all of Hollywood, but this film made me realise just how wonderful a play-thing it can be, if done well.

The opening credits of the film are fabulous, so much so that I started to talk to Steve without breathing ‘ohmygod, didyouseethat? Isn’tthatcrazy? Manitslookingsogood. Thisissomecrazy3D, right?’ . I’m lucky I didn’t get elbowed in the face.

The film takes it’s time to start and get to the good bits, but the wait is totally worth it. I had no idea that it had Frances McDormand and John Malkovich, so I was quite pleased with that tiny surprise when they loomed up on the screen. Also, I slept through the last Transformers film (Yeah yeah, boo to you too!) so let’s just say I walked in with very low expectations and I was absolutely enthralled. Michael Bay has done a stellar job in making yet another Hollywood blockbuster and being a master at product placement. I haven’t seen so much Lenovo or Cisco branding…….. ever.

And as for Shia LeBeouf, his shrieking capabilities have been optimally used all through the film. There are some bits which are so funny that I laughed through the next couple of scenes and then totally missed out on what was happening, but then again, I’m a Shia LeBeouf fan, so there’s not much he can do which might upset me. Rosie Huntington-Whitely and her pout on the other hand, make you wish Megan Fox was back in this film ( all those in favour, say ‘aye!’)
The Autobots are as awesome as always and the Decepticons…. well, are badass and have a few new additions to the already gruesome army of theirs.

I’m not going to give the plot away because there’s a lot that happens and most of it is spelled out in BOLD, several times, to an extent where I thought that my popcorn understood what was going on in the film. But that said and the cheese aside, stellar, stellar second half. I didn’t feel like looking away even for a second because I felt I might miss out in something spectacular. The special effects drive this movie home in style. I’m going to quote Hunter S. Thompson and say ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride.’

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