Slide, Charlie Brown! Slide!

It was a massive collection of Peanuts comic books.
He had been collecting them since he was 18…. maybe 19.
And as far as I can remember I wasn’t allowed to touch his music system or his comic books without taking his permission. That’s all my dad wanted.

I think at some point I brought this tyrannical rule to his attention, so he eased up. Said I could read any of the comics whenever I wanted.

So I took them all, read some and distributed most to some kids who didn’t even know how to spell Schulz.
They never got returned.
I was 12.
My dad didn’t shout at me.

I realized how much I loved this strip only after I had squandered away the one heirloom I would have really cherished. And so, ever since I grew up and started making money, I have been buying Peanuts comic books for my dad (and me). I think I almost have them all.

It might be genetic, this love for Peanuts. Because I am as possessive about my comics as my dad once was.

Happiness is a dancing dog.

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7 thoughts on “Slide, Charlie Brown! Slide!

  1. Once upon a time, I was 17 (a really really REALLY really long time ago) and I bought my 19 year old boyfriend a collector’s edition of Calvin and Hobbes. I had worked all summer to buy it for him. He lent it to his Dad. And, he sold it to the raddhiwaala because after all it was just a comic book. I have not recovered since.

  2. As a kid, I could never eat (or shit) without a comic book. I adored asterix and now as a grown up, whenever I travel to Europe, I always come across towns or words which take me back to my asterix days. I still have all of them, tattered and with daal and rice stains, I guard them fiercely.

    My wife made me a card (when we started dating as kids 12 years ago) with a peanuts comic strip. The ‘Cocoyayebubu’ one. She still calls me that from time to time. And I secretly love it.

    We are also big Calvin and Hobbes fans. She has short hair, so she’ll always be my Susie.

    Don’t you think some people just fail to get how intelligent comics really are?

    1. ah! my sweet babu!
      I have a similar story to that.

      Ilove that name. and I love that sally brown is so in love with Linus Van Pelt

      and you’re right! people dont get how intelligent comics are.

      p.s – i need to do something about this background. I’m going blind trying to read this

  3. the tip on the background is…….u select all of the text and vallah……its all readable.

    Yes……i *am* that jobless.

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