I have this application on my iPad called ‘aweditorium’. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle of album covers & artist photographs with no information about the artist and/or song till you actually hit play.
And this is how I got introduced to Bonobo. I clicked on a picture I liked and ‘Kong’ started to ooze out of the speakers. It was love at first decibel. And of course I went through the motions of ‘I can’t believe I didn’t pay attention to this band before. What is wrong with me? Everybody lets kill ourselves.’ But the thing is, everytime I logged on to Aweditorium, I would invariably pick a Bonobo song. Without knowing it. And be all ‘This is awesome. My music connect is awesome. Everybody is awesome.’. Yeah.

It happened again today. It’s not a big deal, but it is that sort of random thing that puts a silly smile on my face. And nothing can wipe it off.

Atleast for a while.

Here you go… for your aural pleasure

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