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“I’d rather be in Bandra”. Call it suburban snobbery but it’s slogans like this that have won 30-year-old Bandra resident Karan Gonsalves’s two-year-old T-shirt label KeyLow a cult following. Gonsalves says designing T-shirts is simple: he makes tees that he would choose to wear himself. Essentially this means transferring his interests, be it books or music, to the front (and back) of a T-shirt. For instance, one of his tees has the famous Nietzsche quote: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Gonsalves, who was inspired to start his own label after seeing indie stores selling fashionable streetwear in New York City in the mid-nougthies, often collaborates with like-minded artists. Recently, he teamed up with British illustrator and T-shirt designer Craig Watkins aka Wotto; one of their tees features what appears to be a very contemporary looking pierced and tattooed avatar of Hindu goddess Kali.

From personal experience, we can say that the prints on KeyLow T-shirts, that are made from a soft, durable combed cotton fabric, stay on for a long, long time. For his soon-to-be-launched third collection, which should be out in a month, Gonsalves has decided to create a series of T-shirt designs associated with different charities. Every alternate month, he will tie up with a new organisation to which he will donate half the profits from the sales of their tees. This month, he made one based on the water cylce for the non-profit http://www.water.org. Prices start at Rs500. You can order KeyLow T-shirts by contacting Karan Gonsalves on 98338 04272 or karan.gonsalves@gmail.com. You can see some of his T-shirt designs on the KeyLow facebook page

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