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Twelve by Prarthna Singh

Prarthna Singh was an 18-year-old liberal arts student in Florida when, as part of her course; she stepped into a dark room to develop photographs for the first time. And that’s when it hit her that photography was her real calling. So she got transferred to the Rhode Island School Of Design and spent the next 3 years learning everything about photography.

Prarthna spent 2 years in New York honing her skills and assisting various photographers. Thereafter, she moved back to India, assisted photographer Bharat Sikka for one year and then started out on her own.
She has been living in Mumbai for the last 3 years and working on things she likes the most. Fashion, art, friends, collaborations, advertising, get treated with a typical Prarthna twist. Her portraits stand out because the essence of her subjects is enhanced in a subtle yet sublime manner.

Recently Prarthna collaborated with the jewelry brand Mawi and photographed 12 independent young women from Mumbai wearing Mawi’s sui generis, bold pieces. She decided to take it further by holding an exhibit at Mumbai’s premier concept store Le Mill showcasing her photographs alongside Mawi Jewelry. The exhibit opened on the 14th of July where people, despite the previous days terrible events, put on their resilient faces and came to the showing. It was an evening replete with people from all over, laughter, great photographs and stunning jewelry, making the soiree look like a work of Prarthna Singh.

visit http://www.prarthnasingh.blogspot.com to see her picture book

: Prarthna Singh’s photographs are on sale at Le Mill till the 15th of August.
: Mawi Jewelry is retailed at Le Mill

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