Borough Market and Jelly Knees

That would sum up my last month. Let me elaborate…

I decided to take a short break and head to London. Two of my favourite people now live there and they decided to leave their thesis’ (thesisii?) aside and hang out with me. Which was kinda spectacular.

Now here’s a little tip for anyone heading to London ever. You should know Meghna & Mike. Because if you don’t, your trip might suck. Megs always has a plan and is a GREAT cook (and an even better host) and Mike lives in the best part of London and has the amazing ability to whip up a meal even after we’ve been face down on the floor with our ears ringing. So anyway, in a nutshell, I had the best time ever, the weather was great, saw some super exhibits, went to borough Market and ate for 6 people, bought the worlds smallest kite (what?) and generally bummed around. Soon I found myself on a flight back to Bombay, unable to sleep and freaking out. Why? See, here’s what actually happened, before I took off on my little holiday, I’d got a call to do a play and because I am a poor judge of my abilities and have an inflated sense of self, I remember saying ‘Why don’t you mail me the script and by the time I come back, I’ll have gotten all my lines right.’


So obviously I was in need of some Xanax and didn’t sleep a wink. Landed back in the bay and got into rehearsal immediately. We had a fortnight before going on stage and even though I put my brave face on, no one has any idea how much I suddenly started to believe in God. I’ve only done one play, so this was a biggie for me. But also I feel that I have more stage fright than anyone else. And if ever there was a competition on ‘Lets see who gets an aneurism first because of stage fright’ , I’d win. Hands down.

A few hours before going on stage I had all these existential issues such as ‘There is no need to do this to myself. I have a job, I am happy’ or ‘Remember 1989, when I wasn’t taken for Pied Piper…. or even a rat in the school play? Maybe they had a point’ or ‘This hardly matters, if I leave right now, it’s cool. It’s just a play. We’re not launching a rocket’ or ‘I should have taken a bank job’ or ‘I really need to hurl’

The play went well, but I wish you could have seen my face just before going on stage…..
that would have been worth a lot of money 😉


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