The moon….

She was 21.
He was 23.

She had long, raven hair and a lithe, tanned body. She liked to wear his shirts.
He liked to swim in the sea and run so fast he couldn’t hear himself think.

They had to meet.

Sometimes there are things sewn so intricately in the fabric of space and time that the beauty of it keeps getting deeper, keeps crossing dimensions.

Best friends getting better.

And after many years and a few lifetimes, they came and met me. When I least expected them.

I was fast asleep when I was woken up, in the middle of a forest and the night. It felt…. surreal. I could see clearly because it was a full moon night. I got up and looked around. There were hills all around with tall trees and grass and a little ahead of me, right in my line of sight, were the two of them. He was shirtless, she had two braids and a big shirt on, they were holding hands.
The moment I saw them, they started to walk ahead. I knew I had to follow. And I knew I had to keep my distance. Even though I wanted to run towards them and just…… touch them…. know them from another time. I couldn’t.
So, I followed them, slowly. There was this incredible soft, sweet breeze. The trees rustled, and it felt as if the moonlight was bouncing off every thing around me. Like millions of miniature fireflies. It felt so visceral.

Up a hill.
Down a hill.
Up a hill.
Down a hill.

Walk walk. Glide glide.

He didn’t let go of her hand. She kept turning around to smile at me.

And then I stopped following them. I waited.
They climbed a hill and I watched. Maybe I forgot to breathe.
From right on top, she turned to give me one last smile. He turned to give me one last look. Straight into my soul. And with that, they climbed down the other side of the hill. I knew they didn’t plan on coming back. That’s where they’d been all along. Even before they knew.

I remembered to breathe again. For a moment it felt so alien. And then it came back.

I had to tell her. I had to tell her that I met her. Her from a different time. Her before me, before anything. Her.
She wrote back. With my favorite words.

“The moon…. the moon…. It’s been such a wonderful life.”

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I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

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