So far, January has been extraordinary.

I like that it’s blazing through, but also allowing me moments to savour it.
There was an avalanche of work that hit me on the first. And I was readying myself to start whining in various pitches. But I didn’t get time for that.
I ended up making new friends and teaching them to talk like any girl called ‘Candy’. Don’t ask.

I was in Delhi then I was in Bombay then I was in Delhi then I was in Bombay …
But that’s inconsequential.

What really mattered was that I got the most beautiful text from Sheetal on my birthday in which I could almost see her heart beat.

What really mattered was :
that I opened the door of my hotel room to leave for dinner and I saw Steve standing there with his bags. Surprise!

that the first person to call me on the 10th was my brother.

that Parul Kaushik made the most phenomenal meal for me on a cold winters night along with my favourite dessert in her lovely apartment where we discussed books, boys, travel and ….. who was doing what from high school.

that I was given an indepth tour of Hauz Khas Village around twilight by the one person who truly loves it.

that my friends made me crash a random sangeet at 2 a.m, which ended up not being a sangeet. But there was free food. And dranks.

that I stumbled upon a song which is going into my all-time favourite box.

that I got invited to my favourite authors home for dinner and I had to practice not grinning in the elevator so that I could appear cool.

that I got a phone call from a friend from another time and that ten minute conversation sealed us into a space where we’re going to be friends for life.

that Manish came to my rescue at the airport again, picking up my wallet/scarf/glasses/boarding-pass as I left them behind me as a trail.

that I got to work with a team of people who made 4 days of work seem like a dream. The fact that they threw in pink coloured martinis at lunch, helped.

that Arijit Bose swung by to meet me for 15 minutes and got me thrilled about a parallel project.

that Swati Grover, one of my oldest friends, didn’t try to choke me to death last night.

that I managed to break my own heart, and fixing it is going to be entirely my business too.

that a table of loud, screaming people who are bound together by a single thread of friendship, helped me get through a long, weary day.

January, I couldn’t ask for more.


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