You only live forever

You only live forever and millions of times.

One of my favourite people said that to me not too long ago.
And it took my breath away.

I keep thinking I’ll go back to Bhuj.
It’s the first place I have memory of.
The dry heat, the dust, no sign of winter, the beach, jellyfish…

I haven’t made it back yet.

I have a feeling that when I do go back I’ll see what I saw then. Regardless of change, or people not being there.
Nostalgia is a powerful weapon.

We leave a trail behind us
You can’t really see it…. but it’s there.
Hiding in un-named dimensions.

Tattoos of memories. Etched gently on your mind.

And the best bit is that you don’t even know when you’re making it happen.
It’s usually not spectacular.
But it sticks. Like a Bon Iver song.

A regular day. Maybe too hot/cold. Not perfect.
Someone says something. You hear a tune on the radio. Have a conversation. Walk out of a meeting. Go make coffee.
Some part of you becomes so aware of the moment that it gets stored away. Only to be found later. Again. And again…… and again.

And so, you leave a trail, through which you live forever…. and millions of times.


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I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

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