Let’s go steampunk

Let’s go steampunk
And never return.

We’ll write from the other world and let everyone know how it is.
People riding penny farthings and eating books.
Bronze faces with gas masks.
Free gas masks for everyone!
And Vader would be their God.
Pet sheep with metal chains.
Collies running wild.
Zebras at every crossing.
Revolving doors with 12 partitions moving so fast that you use the back entrance.
Windmills disguised as inverted rocketships disguised as windmills waiting to lift off.
So rocquettish!

Cobalt skies with hexagon clouds. Because circles had already been taken.
Tybalt lookalikes screaming “I am for you”. But Mercutio wasn’t listening.

Roadrollers for motorcars.
Horses with long lashes sipping tea at bistros.
Big tall houses made of metal and glass. Sometimes only metal. Othertimes just glass.

Fish with top hats, smoking pipes, wishing they had walking sticks.
If only wishes were fishes ….

Little girls on dirt bikes
Dirty boys in torn shirts.
Lakes and ponds dusted with mercury.
Trees with red leaves on a permautumn.
The wind, a strange shade of white. ..

Too much to write on a postcard?
Someone should have taken a snapshot.


Published by therunawayjuiceincident

I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

2 thoughts on “Let’s go steampunk

  1. wow ! wow ! wow! wow ! wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! I am awed !! I think I am going to read it many many times more !

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