Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.

Shuchir Suri likes girls with neatly manicured nails and good food. I think in that order.
But we’re going to focus on the latter. There are very few people who don’t like food, and most of them are called Nicole Ritchie, but her aside, not too many do much about it except for whipping out their phones and instagramming everything they eat, all the time (There’s a special place in hell for this lot).
My point is, Shuchir has managed to, despite his tight schedule (He works as an event manager and is always on the go), start an online community on food. With over 2000 members, Food Talk India as a page on facebook has become the go to place for anyone with an inquiry about what sort of food to eat, where to eat it and quick reviews. And it works like a charm. I’ve tried it a few times and have always got everything I needed to know in a matter of a few minutes. What’s nice about Food Talk India, aside from all the info as ammo, is that it makes it that much easier for anyone to be of help when it comes to food. You can even share recipes, numbers of private caterers, and the location of the best vada pao stall in Worli.
To be a part of this commune of food lovers you need to ask a friend who is already a member or write in to
Though I’ll have you know, Shuchir turned me into one of them food photographer zombies recently when I was in Bali. In my defense, I looked mildly embarrased and even checked both directions to see if anyone was watching. I consoled myself by thinking how much this noble act would help someone in the near future.
Here’s to food and so much more.


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