Where are ….
Where are the soul shakers
The groove breakers
The watermelon seed spitters
The folded up pants and the rolled down sock lovers


Where are..
Where are The three point shooters
The upside down hangers
The smooth bike riders
The hat wearing, wall leaners
The glib worm doers
The reckless kissers and the wandering break dancers 


Where are the hearts stitched on sleeve lovers
The unapologetic travelers
The physics coveters and the bullheaded frustraters 
The sharpshooters and the barefoot Huckleberry Finners
The vicious, the semi criminal and the bad singers 
The run awayers, the teethgrinders and the breath takers. 


Where are..
Where are the eternity threateners, the thieves, the liars, the lovers
The A.D.D’ers, the green eyed lookers, the cocky fuckers
The afternoon wasters, 11 second runners, the dust shakers, the adventurers, the motorcycle lusters, the mavericks, the quiet ones in the corners
The obsessors, the beautiful let downers
The rough handed, clear minded, dancing eyed, crime partners.

Let’s pick this up, fold it down, put it under the table leg and point fingers at rhetoric.




Published by therunawayjuiceincident

I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

3 thoughts on “0100110101000100

  1. J, We’re all right here. Right upfront: in the background. And look like…an asshole: all the time. 🙂

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