Bag Lady

After having spent the entire morning and afternoon walking around exploring Prague (and eating/drinking pretty much everything in sight), I rolled back into my hotel room to ‘rest’ before stepping out again. I was aimlessly gazing at Flipboard till I came across this photo series called ‘Essentials’ by Daniel Eckler who is a creative director and designer. The series peeps into the bags of 100 creative people from around the world to see what the essentials are that they cannot live without.
Since I’m traveling light and had no check-in baggage, I figured what was in my handbag was of utmost importance to me. So I aped the series and photographed the contents of my bag and this is what I got.

The blue alien is my forever travel companion and the Clarityn is my armour against 17 allergies. The homeopathy Meds placate my hypochondria.
Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

Also, here’s the link for the ‘Essentials’ series which also explains why Eckler did the project.

‘What’s In Your Bag?’ Take a Look at the Daily Essentials of 100 Global Creatives’


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2 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. I always try to go “old school” and avoid carrying a lot of tech when I travel, but I’m currently working on a masters degree and will need to do a little bit of classwork during my next trip. I’m going to be taking my iPad; I see you have yours there too; were you carrying it around with you as you explored Prague? Any particular reason to keep it with you at all times?

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