Vous Êtes Sexy

A couple of years ago I wanted to interview most of the people around me. I had come to a place in my life in Bombay where I knew achingly interesting people. And I wanted to document them. But not in the way one would using a rule-book or a set of questions that had grown tired of being asked. I wanted to focus away from what they did and dig in a little deeper into who they were and how they wasted time on Tuesday afternoons.

Then, last year, I met the good people from homegrown.co.in, and they said I could kick off my interview series with them.

I called it ‘Vous êtes sexy’ and asked some people questions that made me know them better.

I’m going to attach links to some of these interviews, so that I can remind myself how lucky I am to know the people I’ve surrounded myself with.


1. Adhiraj Singh

Adhiraj was my experiment interview for the idea that was going to become Vous êtes sexy. I think it was after hanging out with him a little that I realized what a funny person he was behind that absurdly deadpan face. We worked together for 3 months in 2011, but I’ve remained a fan since.



2. Ravina Rawal

Ravina is a force to reckon with. She works absurdly hard but makes you believe that she’s been filing her nails and sipping champagne all day. She’s quite possibly the funniest woman I know, with enough sass to knock an entire army off of their feet.



3. Vishal Dadlani

Vishal is my favorite rockstar in all of ever. ‘Nuff said.



4. Ayaaz Basrai

I mostly want to eat all of Ayaaz’s ideas. And some of his art.



I hope you have fun reading these.



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