Everybody’s gone to the moon

I started a fortnightly column for the Sunday Guardian a week ago. I haven’t felt this kind of pressure to perform with 800 words or less since my book came out.

It’s not so much about finding things to write about, it’s more about reaching the expectations of an editor who I admire and want to choke all at the same time. It helps/doesn’t help that we’re friends. For the last two months I’ve been aiming to find my voice. The kind where I’m easy breezy and words just flow. I have it when I write on this blog but the moment I’m given an assignment I’m like Chandler Bing trying to take a passport photograph.
It’s like I’m the living example of the double slit experiment. I know I have a voice but the moment I pay any attention to it, it realizes that and goes back to bed.
In case you have no idea what I’m talking about check out this video till the very end and see what that precocious electron does.

Here’s a link to my first column which was basically a rant that had been building up in my head this past year.



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