Slacking, but not really

I slacked off on an email that I wanted to be junk, but it really wasn’t. WordPress mailed me 47 days ago, telling my that my domain was going to expire and I should pay up. I just ignored it because it was easier.

Also, somehow, I had managed to get Dhruv – my younger brother – to have his credit card details linked to this account. I have no idea how I scammed him all these years, but he was paying the renewal fee automatically for the past 4 years. Anyway, he changed his credit card, and the blog couldn’t automatically take his money. So obviously, to avoid the drudgery of being proactive, I ignored all the notifications. Then they took away the blog. So I panicked. And paid only 4 times the amount to have it back up. The whole process took 23 days. Serves me right.

I have barely written on the blog this year, but that’s because I am currently in the process of doing something very scary (for me). I have set up an enterprise, with three wonderful people who I am very lucky to have in my life, and we are working tirelessly on The City Story, which is a website that maps cities through stories (d’uh).

The City Story is my attempt to make cities (starting with Bombay and London) more familiar to people (living in or visiting the city). I spent my whole life moving houseS, changing schools, and never being familiar with a place. Bombay was the first city I could call my own, and I loved that. I knew all the shortcuts to places, I knew the best places to eat, I made friends who would be mine forever, and I felt like I belonged. Then, I upped and left, again. This time for a city that wasn’t very new to me, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a while to call London home.

In two months, when The City Story goes live, you can read all the stories that make both these fabulous giants of cities come to life. I’m equal parts excited and manic.

I will be more regular with writing here as well, because after the debacle of almost losing my blog, I realized how much I love it, and should check in every now and then.

Also, Dhruv, if you’re reading this – how about them credit card deets, eh?


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