It’s like living in a nebula. Everyday is a blur and everything moves at the speed of light. Skanda is 2 and she is excited. Excited about every morning, about eating fruit, about bubble baths, her blocks, going on bike rides, finding a rock, finding a stick, me sticking my tongue out at her, going to nursery, football, watering plants, reading books, turning on the light switch, combing her hair, eating a bee and so on. In this swirl, this tornado of a child, Mike and I are caught in the vortex and we’re going along for the ride.

I often wonder how I’ll remember these years. Will they all be a stack of sweet memories, the hard nights forgotten, the trying days as well? And I always come to the same answer – I will remember it as a whirlwind of life – truncated into a few short years where my baby girl’s entire universe was her mum and dad. There won’t be any nights or days, just a heady blend of time, a time when the three of us lived so close, so tight, so together that no matter where we went later on in life, an invisible thread would keep us linked, tied to each other. A thread that will come from the spool we are creating now.

Everything fades but I wish to keep this chaos inside me, to remind me of how much life courses through our veins, more so when we have children. Their blood gushing through our hearts and everything seems… more, as it should. So alive, so ready to feel everything, and so very excited!

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I write about my travels. Intergalactic and otherwise....

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