The Four Stages Of Travel Shows

There is no greater freedom than having a scalp full of uncombed hair, mismatched clothes, a handbag stuffed with enough meds to nuke your entire system + a cloth bag with a change of clothes and a toothbrush, chipped nail paint and 20 hours of sleep in the last 7 days. This is the point ofContinue reading “The Four Stages Of Travel Shows”

Profiteroles and pacts

I don’t like articles on food. Everyone is a self appointed food lover, gastronomer fantastique or finding ground somewhere between the two. Which then leads to a sludge of mixed up opinions and love songs about food. I wrote the above paragraph because of guilt and/or as a disclaimer. I wanted to begin this noteContinue reading “Profiteroles and pacts”


Where are ….Where are the soul shakersThe groove breakersThe watermelon seed spittersThe folded up pants and the rolled down sock lovers   Where are..Where are The three point shootersThe upside down hangersThe smooth bike ridersThe hat wearing, wall leanersThe glib worm doersThe reckless kissers and the wandering break dancers    Where are the hearts stitchedContinue reading “0100110101000100”

Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.

Shuchir Suri likes girls with neatly manicured nails and good food. I think in that order. But we’re going to focus on the latter. There are very few people who don’t like food, and most of them are called Nicole Ritchie, but her aside, not too many do much about it except for whipping outContinue reading “Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.”