That’s what little boys are made of

“I used to make puppy faces when I was much younger.” “Oh yeah? And when was that?” “When I was 4.” That’s the thing about 5 year olds. Just because they’re the size of leprechauns, doesn’t mean they don’t have any wisdom. Neel retired from making puppy faces because that’s just……. immature. He now likesContinue reading “That’s what little boys are made of”

Social Habits Of The Urban Monkey

Let’s face it. That’s what we are. Ok fine! Primates with a sprinkling of evolution (for those of you who still believe in Darwin). Of late I’ve decided to get up early, go for a run/to the gym and then start my day. I didn’t think much of it. I just started sleeping earlier andContinue reading “Social Habits Of The Urban Monkey”

Let’s go steampunk

Let’s go steampunk And never return. We’ll write from the other world and let everyone know how it is. People riding penny farthings and eating books. Bronze faces with gas masks. Free gas masks for everyone! And Vader would be their God. Pet sheep with metal chains. Collies running wild. Zebras at every crossing. RevolvingContinue reading “Let’s go steampunk”

That poem from that movie…

Daydream delusion Limousine eyelash Oh, baby, with your pretty face Drop a tear in my wineglass Look at those big eyes See what you mean to me Sweet cakes and milk shakes I’m a delusion angel I’m a fantasy parade I want you to know what I think I don’t want you to guess anymoreContinue reading “That poem from that movie…”