What’s the story?

My friend Meghna is kind of spectacular. She is volatile, beautiful, spontaneous, stylish and responds to names ranging from ‘Meghnatron’ to ‘Madmax’ to – everyone’s favorite – ‘Meghni Flower’ (when she’s in a good mood) and ‘Meghni Cactus’ (when she is enjoying a good murder). I have never felt bored in her company and I’mContinue reading “What’s the story?”


Where are ….Where are the soul shakersThe groove breakersThe watermelon seed spittersThe folded up pants and the rolled down sock lovers   Where are..Where are The three point shootersThe upside down hangersThe smooth bike ridersThe hat wearing, wall leanersThe glib worm doersThe reckless kissers and the wandering break dancers    Where are the hearts stitchedContinue reading “0100110101000100”