The Four Stages Of Travel Shows

There is no greater freedom than having a scalp full of uncombed hair, mismatched clothes, a handbag stuffed with enough meds to nuke your entire system + a cloth bag with a change of clothes and a toothbrush, chipped nail paint and 20 hours of sleep in the last 7 days. This is the point ofContinue reading “The Four Stages Of Travel Shows”

Profiteroles and pacts

I don’t like articles on food. Everyone is a self appointed food lover, gastronomer fantastique or finding ground somewhere between the two. Which then leads to a sludge of mixed up opinions and love songs about food. I wrote the above paragraph because of guilt and/or as a disclaimer. I wanted to begin this noteContinue reading “Profiteroles and pacts”

Tricksters Automatic

It was a rock honeycomb. A honeycomb rock. Depending on which side you looked at it. Tiny little creatures hiding in the crevices. Pointy caps, snub noses, blood stained teeth. Pretty girls in tutus. Boys in knickerbockers. Red corneas and skeletal wings. Thieves and fiends. Do gooders and haters. Shining brilliant, flamboyant haters. They stoodContinue reading “Tricksters Automatic”

That’s what little boys are made of

“I used to make puppy faces when I was much younger.” “Oh yeah? And when was that?” “When I was 4.” That’s the thing about 5 year olds. Just because they’re the size of leprechauns, doesn’t mean they don’t have any wisdom. Neel retired from making puppy faces because that’s just……. immature. He now likesContinue reading “That’s what little boys are made of”