Airports & Neitzsche

“Do you want a granola bar?” “No.” “It’s really good.” “No.” “It’s protein.” “No.” “Do you want an ice-breaker?” “No. Why are you trying to palm shit off to me?” “I don’t know man. It’s a two hour wait. Might as well have a picnic.” Airport conversations with Manish. I hate granola bars. It’s sweetenedContinue reading “Airports & Neitzsche”

Little boxes made of ticky tacky

I had to move apartments. Again. And this time it wasn’t because I had been kicked out by a landlord who looked like he belonged on Tatooine. Or because my apartment was actually an enclosed swimming pool during the monsoon, but just because ‘I felt like it.’ I should have just run really fast intoContinue reading “Little boxes made of ticky tacky”