Borough Market and Jelly Knees

That would sum up my last month. Let me elaborate… I decided to take a short break and head to London. Two of my favourite people now live there and they decided to leave their thesis’ (thesisii?) aside and hang out with me. Which was kinda spectacular. Now here’s a little tip for anyone headingContinue reading “Borough Market and Jelly Knees”

How to look like a refugee in 21 easy steps.

1. Pick a place to travel….. Ummmm Germany 2. Plan your trip months in advance and make sure its during the glorious summer months 3. Make sure you plan your entire trip around a music festival, for example : Hurricane in Schiessel (150 kms from Hamburg) 4. Carry clothes only for the summer. Maybe aContinue reading “How to look like a refugee in 21 easy steps.”

A step by step breakdown of going to Delhi

7:40 a.m Manish: I’m downstairs. Where are you? I can’t see you. Are we late? I think we’re late. We’ll miss the flight. Oh God. Juhi: I’m right in front of you. *slams door shut* We’re fine. We’re not late. We’ll make it. Manish: Pradeep(driver) almost ran over someone cos I asked him to driveContinue reading “A step by step breakdown of going to Delhi”

I miss you, but I haven’t met you yet…

What happens when you move around a lot is that you get used to leaving. It becomes a part of you. I moved every year. So, leaving was never difficult. I just…… left. There were new places to meet, new people to see, dragons to slay, trains to be counted & litchees to be stolen.Continue reading “I miss you, but I haven’t met you yet…”