Everybody’s gone to the moon

I started a fortnightly column for the Sunday Guardian a week ago. I haven’t felt this kind of pressure to perform with 800 words or less since my book came out. It’s not so much about finding things to write about, it’s more about reaching the expectations of an editor who I admire and wantContinue reading “Everybody’s gone to the moon”

What’s the story?

My friend Meghna is kind of spectacular. She is volatile, beautiful, spontaneous, stylish and responds to names ranging from ‘Meghnatron’ to ‘Madmax’ to – everyone’s favorite – ‘Meghni Flower’ (when she’s in a good mood) and ‘Meghni Cactus’ (when she is enjoying a good murder). I have never felt bored in her company and I’mContinue reading “What’s the story?”