Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.

Shuchir Suri likes girls with neatly manicured nails and good food. I think in that order. But we’re going to focus on the latter. There are very few people who don’t like food, and most of them are called Nicole Ritchie, but her aside, not too many do much about it except for whipping outContinue reading “Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.”

: Karan Gonsalves :

“I’d rather be in Bandra”. Call it suburban snobbery but it’s slogans like this that have won 30-year-old Bandra resident Karan Gonsalves’s two-year-old T-shirt label KeyLow a cult following. Gonsalves says designing T-shirts is simple: he makes tees that he would choose to wear himself. Essentially this means transferring his interests, be it books orContinue reading “: Karan Gonsalves :”